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  General News about Refugees 2018

2018  January

In January 2018 No.153
  1. New Year's greetings from RAFIQ coleaders

    To RAFIQ Magazine readers,
    We would like to take this occasion to wish you a Happy New Year.
    We received Christmas cards and New Year's greeting cards from refugees we had supported. They included one from an immigration detainee. Some of them were learning Japanese and wrote their message in Japanese with beautiful illustrations.

    In 2017, among refugees RAFIQ had supported one was given an official refugee status in October, and another one was granted a special permission for residence on humanitarian grounds in June. However, among lawsuits in the court seeking revocation of the immigration decision, one lost a case in the Osaka High Court and another one lost a case in the Osaka District Court.

    Some immigration detainees RAFIQ had supported applied for a provisional release, but their applications were rejected in 2017 except for one approved on 28 December. As a large amount of guaranty money was required, it took some time for him to be released.

    The number of applicants for asylum in Japan has been increasing. The government tries to make already-difficult circumstances for refugee applicants even more difficult. Introducing a tougher restriction on work is an example.

    We believe that the protection of refugee applicants and more prompt recognitions of those who fall into the category of refugees under the Convention relating to the Status of Refugee are important as Japan's humanitarian assistance.

    Refugees are people who seek peace and safe living environments for their family. We ourselves should promote peace and safe living environments in our surroundings, too.

    We value your donation money and goods we receive, and carefully use them. Thank you for your continuous support in 2018.

    RAFIQ coleaders,
    Keiko Tanaka and Yoshie Hirokawa

  2. Between January and September 2017, there were 14,043 refugee applications in Japan, but only 10 received refugee status: None from UNHCR top five countries of origin

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  3. The Ministry of Justice: From 15 January the right to work of refugee applicants is to be limited

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    Japan Lawyers Network for Refugees (JLNR) issued a statement concerning this policy change announced by the Ministry of Justice, and required its review. RAFIQ fully support the statement.


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