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  General News about Refugees

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2019:  January

In January 2019
  1. We welcome the adoption of the Global Compact on Refugees!


  General News about Refugees 2018

2018:  December  November  October  September  August  July  June  May  April   March
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In December
  1. Report of 'Nanmin Day' event
  2. Introductory Lecture on Refugees and GLORRY Zemi
  3. Revision to the Immigration Control and Refugee Recognition Act
  4. Relevant news about refugee issues in Japan
  5. Your support and donations will be most welcome!
In November
  1. An asylum seeker with a provisional release status moved to the RAFIQ shelter
  2. 'Nanmin Day' on December 8th
  3. Relevant news about refugee issues in Japan 1
  4. Relevant news about refugee issues in Japan 2
  5. RAFIQ participated in the Yodogawa Riverbed Festival
  6. RAFIQ Library is now registered as 'Machi (town) Library@RAFIQ
In October No.162
  1. "Nanmin House Open Day" held on Oct 7th!
  2. RAFIQ library is now registered as a "Town Library"
  3. Immigration Issues: A RAFIQ member participated in a seminar and a meeting in Nagasaki
  4. JLNR (Japan Lawyers Network for Refugees) issued a protest statement on August 31st
In September No.161
  1. October 7th Osaka Nanmin House Open Day
  2. Justice Ministry announced that 22 asylum seekers were granted refugee status in the first half of 2018!
  3. Yomiuri Shimbun and Mainichi Shimbun recently published articles for which RAFIQ was interviewed
In August 2018 No.160
  1. More than 700 petitions requesting the residence of an asylum seeker from Ghana submitted!
  2. Five asylum seekers were granted refugee status from January to June this year under the jurisdiction of Osaka Regional Immigration Bureau!
  3. Ethiopian asylum seeker won at the Tokyo District Court!
In July 2018 No.159
  1. UNHCR has announced the number of world refugees in 2017 toward the World Refugee Day
  2. 6/24 World Refugee Day 2018 in Kansai
  3. A Sri Lankan man who had his refugee application declined by the Ministry of Justice despite an earlier successful lawsuit won again!
In June 2018 No.158
  1. The number of the new refugee applicants amounted to 3,015 from January to March
  2. "Earth Culture Festival Vol.2 GLORRY x Afghan" on July 8th
  3. "Visiting Osaka Regional Immigration Bureau on May 18th"
In May 2018 No.157
  1. Come and join us at the World Refugee Day in Kansai A leaflet of an event on 24 June "World Refugee Day 2018 in Kansai" is available now.
  2. Other associated events on the World Refugee Day
  3. Meeting with Higashi-Nihon Immigration Center (Japan Association for Refugees)
  4. Recording false statement, Suicide issue, is there correct treatment at the immigration bureau?
In April 2018 No.156
  1. Justice Ministry announced the confirmed figures regarding refugee applications
  2. World Refugee Day 2018 West Japan Assembly
  3. Syrian refugees lost the case
  4. New fridge has come to Nanmin House!
In March 2018 No.155
  1. RAFIQ agreed with the claim coordinated by Solidarity Network with Migrants Japan (SMJ) against deportation of 47 Vietnamese by charter aircraft
In February 2018 No.154
  1. RAFIQ participated in One World Festival on 3-4 February
  2. More than 19,000 asylum applications in 2017, but only 20 were successful
  3. Responses from the media to the announcement by the Ministry of Justice regarding tightening refugee process and refugee status rules
In January 2018 No.153
  1. New Year's greetings from RAFIQ coleaders
  2. Between January and September 2017, there were 14,043 refugee applications in Japan, but only 10 received refugee status: None from UNHCR top five countries of origin
  3. The Ministry of Justice: From 15 January the right to work of refugee applicants is to be limited


  General News about Refugees 2017

2017:  December  Nobember  October  September  July  May  April  March  February  January

In December 2017 No.152
  1. Thank you for your support to RAFIQ and generous donations throughout 2017!
  2. Human Rights Committee, United Nations, released the advance unedited version of "List of issues prior to submission of the seventh periodic report of Japan" on 24 November 2017
In Nobember 2017 No.151
  1. Report on the Annual General Meeting - 16th Anniversary of the foundation of RAFIQ
  2. 'World Nanmin Day' will come very soon!
  3. A move to further tighten a very tough refugee system by the Japanese government
  4. Report on Earth Culture Festival, Vol.1, GLORRY x Ghana
In October 2017 No.150
  1. 1.Annual General Meeting – 16th Anniversary of the foundation of RAFIQ
  2. 2.Earth Culture Festival, Vol.1, GLORRY x Ghana
  3. 3.Japan accepts only three refugees in the first half of 2017!
In September 2017 No.149
  1. Request for emergency assistance
  2. Donation money is also welcome!
  3. Nanmin House Open Day: Celebrating the first anniversary!
  4. Another inappropriate attitude and behavior of refugee adjudication (examination) counsellors!
In July 2017 NO.147
  1. The World Refugee Day 2017 West Japan Assembly on 2 July was very successful!
  2. "Global Trends: Forced Displacement in 2016"
  3. Does Japan change the system to protect asylum seekers for the worse using 'an abuse of its refugee system' as an excuse?
In May 2017 No.145
  1. World Refugee Day 2017 West Japan Assembly - Your support will be very much appreciated!
In April 2017 No.144
  1. Successful completion of the special exhibition of refugees, November 2016-March 2017
  2. World Refugee Day 2017 West Japan Assembly
  3. Just 28 refugees accepted in Japan in 2016
  4. Vietnamese died of stroke at Japanese immigration detention center
  5. From Nanmin House: New hot water system has been installed!
In March 2017 No.143
  1. Syrian refugees come to Japan as international students
  2. 18 February: National meeting of people involved in supporting refugees in Japan
  3. 11 March: Lecture by Ms. Naoko Obi, UNHCR's deputy representative in Japan
  4. 43 illegal immigrants, including 32 Thais, 10 Vietnamese, and 1 Afghans, were put on a state-chartered plane and deported
  5. Nanmin-House website is open now!
In February 2017 No.142
  1. Donations are welcome to improve the condition of temporary residence for refugees in Nanmin House
  2. Special exhibition of refugees at Osaka Human Rights Museum (Liberty Osaka) will finish soon
  3. A record 10,901 people sought asylum in Japan in 2016, but only 28 were accepted
  4. World leaders opposed Trump executive order to ban on travelers from seven countries, but Japan's Prime Minister Abe had no say on the issue
  5. The system to grant asylum in Japan: Transferring of responsibility/authority from the Justice Ministry to Regional Immigration Bureaus?
In January 2017 No.141
  1. New Year's greetings
  2. Event: 12 February, seminar on refugees and an oboe concert by RAFIQ volunteers
  3. Report on a visit to Osaka Regional Immigration Centre on 31 October
  4. Events in December 2016 and January 2017
  5. Information: A campaign, "I WELCOME – you will create the future for refugees"


  General News about Refugees 2016

  November  August  July  June  May  April  March  February  January

In November 2016 No.139
  1. Special exhibition of refugees at Osaka Human Rights Museum (Liberty Osaka) 19 November 2016 - 18 March 2017
  2. 2016 World Refugee Day
  3. Decisions of the Nagoya High Court
In August 2016 No.136
  1. Please Contribute to RAFIQ's Summer Fundraising Drive
  2. Over 5,000 Asylum Applications in the First Half of 2016 - and Only 4 Accepted!?
  3. A Refugee from Uganda Wins Her Appeal at the High Court
In July 2016 No.135
  1. The World Refugee Day West Japan Assembly Was a Big Success! A Brief Report on the Event, Which Took Place on 26th June
  2. One in Every 113 People Worldwide Has Been Displaced! UNHCR Announce Their Global Trends for 2015
  3. Over 2000 Asylum Applications Were Made in Japan in the First Three Months of 2016 - Only One Refugee Was Accepted
  4. A Hunger Strike at the Osaka Immigration Bureau
In June 2016 No.134
  1. The UN has Designated June 20th as "World Refugee Day" - There Are Events All Over Japan!
  2. RAFIQ's Joint Representative Appears on a Radio Programme: "Kyoto Radio Cafe: Kyoto Happy NPO!"
  3. On May 27th We Attended a Lecture by Professor Hathaway
  4. The Japanese Government Announces that They Will Accept 150 Syrian Refugees as Foreign Students
In May 2016 No.133
  1. "World Refugee Day: West Japan Assembly" June 26th: Full-Colour Flyers Have Been Produced, and the Website has been Updated!
  2. [URGENT!] Let's Keep an Eye on Parliament Regarding the Hate Speech Act!
  3. RAFIQ's New Office and Shelter: Nanmin House
  4. A Written Demand for the Osaka Immigration Bureau
In April 2016 No.132
  1. The Ministry of Justice Release Final Figures on Refugees Accepted in 2015
  2. "World Refugee Day: West Japan Assembly" June 26th: Details Confirmed, Now Seeking Volunteers!
  3. A Report on the CIVIL G7 Dialogue in Kyoto: Preparing for the G7 Summit in Ise Shima
  4. A Report on "Dealing with Refugee Problems & Expanding Support Networks"
In March 2016 No.131
  1. Syrian Film Screening and Discussion Event on March 21st
  2. A Report from the Second All-Japan Meeting of Refugee Support Groups (February 19th & 20th)
  3. The Ministry of Justice Announce the Number of Illegal Residents for 2015. Half of Deportation Orders Were Issued to Asylum Seekers
  4. Statement Made By Mitsuhide Iwaki of the House of Representatives' Legal Affairs Commitee
  5. Articles Relating to Detention, Deportation, and other Issues
In February 2016 No.130
  1. 7,586 Applications for Asylum in 2015, Only 27 Accepted!
  2. We Endorsed a Proposal to Put an End to the War in Syria
  3. World Refugee Day West Japan: Date and Location Confirmed
In January 2016 No. 129
  1. New Year's Greetings
  2. Over 60 Million Refugees Worldwide, Over 6,000 in Japan
  3. Kansai Airport are Planning to Put Up Posters About the Refugee Application Process


  General News about Refugees 2015

  December  November  June  May  April  March  February  January

In December 2015 No. 128
  1. Junpei Yamamura to Give a Talk Marking the Publication of What Japan and the World can Learn from Refugees
  2. Another Deportation by Chartered Plane? 22 Bangladeshis Believed Deported
  3. We Went to Court to Revoke a Deportation Orders: A Discretionary Exception Was Granted
  4. RAFIQ Needs Your Help!
In November 2015 No. 127
  1. Over 5,000 Asylum Applications Already in 2015
  2. Osaka Prefecture Establishes Guidelines for Creating a Society Without Discrimination
In June 2015 No.122
  1. .World Refugee Day Events around Japan
  2. Movie release in a support for Nepal Earthquake "OLO, The boy from Tibet"
  3. 5/30 we participated in "The current state of Refugee support in Japan - Looking into Syrian case - " Seminar
In May 2015 No.121
  1. First recognition of a Nepali refugee
  2. UNHCR representative for Japan, Obi Naoko is a guest at NHK program, talking about what can be done for the support of Syrian refugees
In April 2015 No. 120
  1. It's Happening Again this Year! "World Refugee Day's Western Japan Assembly"
  2. We Lodged a Petition to the Osaka Bar Association in Relation to the Transfer of an African Refugee from Osaka to Omura. We Believe that his Human Rights were Infringed
  3. In Newspapers and Elsewhere, Increasing Demands for Refugees to be Protected
  4. A Report Published Relating to Alternative Accommodation Measures (ATD)
  5. "Creating a Sustainable Society - ESD Implementation Documents for Young People" ? RAFIQ's Example


In March 2015 No. 119
  1. 5000 Refugee Applications in 2014, 11 Refugees Accepted
  2. Another Detainee Transferred from the Osaka Immigration Bureau to Omura, Nagasaki Prefecture
  3. A Report From the Debriefing on the Recent Forced Repatriations and the Situation in Sri Lanka (February 15th)
In February 2015 No. 118
  1. New RAFIQ Leaflets and Revised Texts for our Introductory Lectures on Refugees
  2. Proposals from UNHCR regarding Japan's Refugee Recognition System (January 30th)
  3. The Western Japan Immigration Centre is Closing in September
  4. We Attended an Event Entitled "How Should Immigration Detention Facilities be Inspected? Learning from the Practices of British Inspectors"
  5. The Ministry of Justice's Announcement Concerning "Fake" Refugees
In January 2015 No. 117
  1. New Year Greetings
  2. The Advisory Panel on the Refugee Recognition System Published a Report; The Immigration Control Policy Council then Published their Own Report
  3. More Mass Deportations on Chartered Aircraft. 32 Sri Lankans and Vietnamese Repatriated, Including Refugees
  4. November 13th: A Speech by Antonio Guterres, UN High Commissioner for Refugees, Followed by a Q&A Session


  General News about Refugees 2014

  December   November   October   September   August   July    April    March    February

In December 2014
  1. A Regular Meeting for RAFIQ Volunteers
  2. A Special "Real" Edition of Kansai TV's "Anchor" Programme was Broadcast, Dealing with Refugee Issues
  3. Over 4,500 Asylum Applicants in 2014!
  4. A Sri Lankan Man Dies while in the Custody of the Tokyo Immigration Bureau – Questions Asked About His Medical Care
  5. New Book: "The Rights of Refugees Under International Law" by James C. Hathaway
In November 2014
  1. 13 Years of Activity, Aiming to Strengthen Support for Refugees (RAFIQ General Meeting Report)
  2. We Attended the Appeal Hearing and for State Compensation Relating to the Death of Mr. Suraj, Followed by a Debriefing
In October 2014
  1. Report: World Nanmin Day (September 21st)
  2. Over 2,000 Applications for Asylum in the First Half of 2014 (According to UNHCR)
  3. A new online book of Asahi Shinbun articles: "Mukokuseki: A Country of 2nd Generation Refugees. The Battles of Children Living in Japan"
  4. Introducing Quality Film Festivals in Kansai

In September 2014
  • A number of Kurdish asylum seekers went on hunger strike at the East Japan Immigration Centre.
In August 2014
  1. The concluding observation of the 6th state report examined by the Human Rights Committee
  2. About the supports by Food bank OSAKA
In July 2014
  1. The assembly of "World Refugee Day 2014 in Kansai" was held on June 15th, 2014
  2. "A Briefing Session for Inspection at the Detention Centres in the U.K." on June 17th, 2014
  3. Submission of "A Request for Early Detection of TB Patients and Prevention Programs"

n April, 2014
  1. In 2013, among over 3,200 refugee status applications, only 6 approved refugee statuses!
  2. The case of a Ghanaian male's death on deportation: His family won a court order of reparation by the state, however the Japanese government appealed to a higher court.
  3. There successive deaths in Higashi Nihon Immigration Center.
In March, 2014
  1. Preparation start towards World Refugee Day Assembly of 2014:
  2. Japan Federation of Bar Associations (JFBA) published the opinion paper of “Refugee Recognition System and the Status of Applicants for Refugee Recognition” :
  3. Forum for Refugees Japan (FRJ) published its proposals of “Further Development to Accept Refugees in Japan based on the Resettlement Program”.
In February, 2014
  1. Ad Hoc Committee about Refugee Recognition System is ongoing:
  2. Refugee Resettlement as a pilot case will finish in the end of next March, and be continued thereafter.:
  3. Proposals to Inspection Committee:

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