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  RAFIQ's 15th General Meeting

* 13th November 2016 Kokuro Kaikan, Osaka City

総会の様子 名古屋難民支援室羽田野真帆さん ワールドカフェの様子
General Meeting Ms. Hadano
Door to Asylum Nagoya (DAN)
World Cafe

  • Activities for September 2015 - August 2016
  • Planned Activities for September 2016 – August 2017
  • Financial Report for fiscal 2015
  • Modification of RAFIQ's bylaw


30 people took part in the Annual General Meeting including a women and men, younger and older. Among them there was student who recently established a student group at Osaka University of Economics and Law to support refugees. Three new people joined RAFIQ on the day. RAFIQ's report on our activities and financial report in 2015, and RAFIQ's plans in 2016 were accepted by those who were present. The address of RAFIQ's office was updated (to Nanmin House, Osaka City) in the bylaw. Having two accounting auditors from this year for more transparency was suggested and agreed upon.

An important goal in this year (September 2016 – August 2017) is:
Based in the new ‘Nanmin House', we make active efforts to find places in the local communities by enhancing refugee support functions, and by dynamic involvement of the members and volunteers.
To achieve this goal, your continuous support will be very much appreciated.

Ms. Hadano, Door to Asylum Nagoya (DAN), gave a presentation. In this presentation, she explained their activities to support refugees in Nagoya, and discussed three successful lawsuits at the Nagoya High Court in this year. The decisions by the Nagoya High Court referred to international laws and the Handbook and Guidelines on Procedures and Criteria for Determining Refugee Status, UNHCR. We understood that the court decisions would have very important effects for future cases.

Following the presentation, Ms. Hirokawa invited everyone present to take part in a "World Cafe" session in which participants formed four groups and briefly discussed the question of "What we can do at Nanmin House?" The time was limited, but wide variety of support activities was suggested. Many ideas and suggestions from the participants are the reasons for hope.
We hope to support members bring ideas into shape. Members are welcome to use Nanmin House for further discussions.

(Japanese version by K.T: Translation into English by H.H)


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