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  Principles of Activities

Supports for detainees in Immigration Detention Centers
  • Visit and support detainees in Immigration Detention Centers, because our goal is conditional release of all detainees out of Immigration Detention Centers.
Toward conditional release from Immigration Detention Centers
  • In cooperation with lawyers and other organizations, strengthen appeals to the Diet as well as supports from humanitarian organizations.
  • Make the most of campaign for a petition.
Problems of Immigration Detention Centers
  • In cooperation with humanitarian organizations in neighboring areas and grass-roots organizations working for foreigners, appeal to Immigration Detention Centers to respect human rights of the detainees and to improve their living conditions.
Supports for making a life
  • As citizens, demand with humanitarian purpose local governments that they/we should more support foreign residents in Japan. For example, give them social security such as welfare benefits, National Health Insurance, municipal house and so on. (To give them such social security, present with a petition and demand the Diet members to realize it)
Informing activities of refugee issues
  • Make a brochure based on materials which were distributed at learning assemblies organized by RAFIQ. In the future, we will publish an understandable book and introduce to schools and communities lecturers for learning human rights and peace.
  • Make a plan for 'World Refugee Day' of 20th June in cooperation with refugees, supporters and other supporting organizations.
  • Organize a lecture 'Want to know more about refugees'.
Toward meeting global standards on refugees
  • Know that domestic laws are subordinated to the related international laws such as United Nations Convention Relating to the Status of Refugees, and International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights. We will learn and inform from the viewpoint how domestic laws should reflect the global standards defined by these international laws.
  • Launch an appeal for revising Immigration Control and Refugee Recognition Act, based on concrete cases such as detaining problems in Immigration Detention Centers.
  • Appeal to the Diet members.
Supports for refugee recognition trials
  • Participate and cooperate in supports for refugee recognition trials as much as possible.

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