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  RAFIQ Needs Your Help!

  1. We're Always Looking for Supporters and Volunteers!

    RAFIQ is always looking for new supporters and volunteers to help our efforts.

  2. Donations Always Welcome!

    We are always grateful for any donations made. We will endeavour to make the best possible use of any money received.
    Please send donations to the following bank account:

    Via Post Office Bank (Yuucho):
    Branch: Yonsanhachi
    Branch Number: 438
    Account Number: 6677668
    Account Name: RAFIQ
  3. Volunteer With Us!

    Please get in touch if you'd like to volunteer with RAFIQ! (Contact details below.) Why not start by coming to one of our lectures?

  4. Request a Guest Lecture

    We are always happy to give guest lectures to spread the word about refugees in Japan. We can give lectures to small groups, and can attend universities and other institutions.

  5. Become a Member

    RAFIQ relies on membership fees in order to operate, so please become a member! Get to know more about the world though meeting refugees, and make the most of your ideas!

    Annual Membership Fees (From September - August)
    General: 3,000yen
    Student: 1,000yen
    Group Membership: 5,000yen
    Supporting Member: 10,000yen
    *Members enjoy discounted rates at some events.

    Please get in touch if you'd like to become a member!

RAFIQ JAPAN (The Network aiming at the Coexistence with the Refugees in Japan)
Nanmin-House 4-9-13 HigashiMikuni Yodogawa-ku Osaka-shi, 532-0002
TEL:06-6335-4440 / mailto:

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