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   How to apply for recognition of refugee status to Ministry of Justice

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  • 2. The applicant has an interview with Refugee Inquirer who will draw up a record of the oral statement.
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  • 3. Refugee Inquirer sends documents for Investigation Department in Tokyo.
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  • 4. The applicant gets a result whether the applicant is recognized as a refugee or not from the Minister of Justice.
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  • 5. In the case that the applicant has an objection to the disapproval, she/he can file an appeal for reinvestigation to the Minister of Justice.
  • In principle, an appeal must be filed (that is, required documents must be submitted) within seven days from the date the applicant receives the notice of refusal of refugee status or of revocation of refugee status.
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  • 6. The applicant states an opinion in front of three Refugee Examination Adjudication Counselors.
  • The Minister of Justice is required to ask for opinions of Refugee Adjudication Counselors in making decisions on filed appeals. Refugee Adjudication Counselors are appointed from among academic experts on legal issues or international affairs who can make fair judgments on filed appeals.
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  • 7. The Minister of Justice gives a final result to the applicant that her/his appeal is reasonable or unreasonable.
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  • 8. In the case that the applicant has an objection to the final result, she/he can file an administrative litigation demanding for rescinding the decision.

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